The 4th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
August 3-6, 2015 Macau, China
Topics of Interest

Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit original, unpublished contributions.
The topics of interest include but are not limited to:
(Multidisciplinary subjects are especially encouraged.)

Session 1 Energy Materials
• Catalytic materials
• Energy harvesting materials
• Materials for hydrogen production and purification
• Materials, processes and systems for energy saving and sustainability
• Nuclear energy and materials
• Solar energy

Session 2 Anti-Corrosion Materials
• Corrosion cost and corrosion risk management
• Corrosion monitoring and plant health assessment
• Development/Improvement of materials resistant to corrosion
• Methods to reduce fatigue and corrosion in constituent materials, sub-components and major structures
• Phenomena of corrosion processes
• Protection of structural steelwork
• Stainless steels
• The latest equipment and processes

Selected papers submitted to this session will be recommended to Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials.

Session 3 Ceramic Materials
• Raw materials for ceramic materials – natural, synthetic, recycled
• Advanced shaping techniques
• Advanced drying and firing techniques
• Characterization of composition and microstructure
• Modeling of microstructure-property relations
• Mechanical properties of ceramics and refractories
• Thermal and thermomechanical properties of ceramics and refractories
• Refractories – raw materials, shaping and processing, characterization, application
• Electric and magnetic properties of functional ceramics
• Transparent ceramics and optical properties of ceramics
• Porous ceramics – processing, characterization, application
• Engineering ceramics including composites
• Glass and ceramics for electronics and optoelectronics
• Materials based on cement or other inorganic binders
• Ceramic materials for biological applications
• Advanced inorganic glasses with special properties
• Fibrous materials, coatings and films based on inorganic non-metallic materials

Selected papers submitted to this session will be recommended to Ceramics-Silikáty.

Session 4 Characterization & Testing
• Casting and solidification
• Laser processing
• Materials chemistry
• Materials forming technology
• Materials mechanics
• Mechanical behavior
• Microtechnology
• Modification technology of surface, coating technology of surface
• Polymer science and technology
• Synthesis and processing
• Thin film growth process
• Welding & joining metallurgy

Selected papers submitted to this session will be recommended to Strength of Materials.

Session 5 Other Materials Related Topics
• Composite materials
• Insulating materials
• Inorganic non-metallic materials
• Metal materials
• Micro/ Nano materials
• Organic materials
• Optical materials
• Photonics materials
• Porous materials
• Smart materials
• Textile materials
• Other materials


The 4th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
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