The 4th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
August 3-6, 2015 Macau, China

CMSE 2015 will be held during August 3rd-6th, 2015, in University of Macau-new campus located on Hengqin Island.

About the University of Macau

The University of Macau (UM) was founded in 1981. Its predecessor was the private University of East Asia. Through thirty years of development, UM has become a leading university and also the only public comprehensive university in Macao. Ever since its founding, UM has nurtured over ten thousand outstanding graduates for society.
UM has always vigorously supported scientific research development. In recent years it has developed a blueprint for transforming into a research-focused university, which, combined with a clear, shared goal among academic staff to attain first-class achievements, has led to very good academic results. Compared to the year 2008, the number of SCI research papers by UM academics in 2011 grew 90 percent, and citation frequency of published papers grew 85 percent. In certain areas, such as microelectronics, Chinese medicine, and Internet of Things, UM already ranks among the top in the Greater China region in terms of papers published at major international conferences and in prestigious journals.

< Larger Space to Scale New Heights

On 27 June 2009, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) approved the new UM campus bill and authorized Macao SAR to exercise jurisdiction over the new campus after it is put into use.
The groundbreaking ceremony for the new campus took place on 20 December 2009. President of PRC Hu Jintao, in the company of Chief Executive of Macao SAR Dr. Chui Sai On, officiated at the groundbreaking ceremony and expressed his high expectations for the university to become a world-class university with world-class facilities, a world-class faculty team, world-class students, and world-class achievements.
On 5 November 2013, UM held the inauguration ceremony for the new campus in the University Hall on the new campus.

Access via Tunnel with No Immigration Clearance

The new campus will be under the jurisdiction of Macao SAR after it is put into use. It is separated from Taipa, Macao by a waterway, with the luxuriant Hengqin Mountain forming a beautiful backdrop. Covering an area of approximately 1.09km2, it will be nearly 20 times larger than the current campus and will be able to accommodate approximately 10,000 students. An underwater tunnel will ensure convenient, 24-hour access to the new campus from Macao without the need to going through immigration clearance.

Open Scientific Research Base

With the support of the Macao SAR government and the Science and Technology Development Fund of Macao SAR, UM in November 2010 obtained approval from the People’s Republic of China for establishing two state key laboratories, namely the State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI and the State Key Laboratory for Quality Research in Chinese Medicine, in recognition of the university’s outstanding achievements in the fields of integrated circuits and Chinese medicine. When the new campus is put into use, the open research base there will become the new home of the two state key laboratories. The inauguration of the research base should be able to enhance research collaboration between UM and other universities from Macao, the Pearl River Delta region and even the whole country, as well as to create opportunities for Guangdong-Macao collaboration and moderate diversification of Macao’s economy.

UM is faced with unprecedented opportunities, but with great opportunities come great challenges. How UM seizes the opportunities and overcomes the challenges will have important implications for higher education development in Macao's neighboring regions. UM is committed to nurturing outstanding graduates with professional skills, extensive knowledge, and high integrity. It seeks to progress in a steady manner towards the goal of becoming a first-class university with regional characteristics.

The 4th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
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