The 5th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
November 8-11, 2016, Tunghai University

About the Tunghai University

Tunghai University (THU) was established in 1955 and it is located on the level plateau of Taichung’s Tatu Mountain. THU, a liberal institution is full of scholarly elites and abundant resources. The total area of campus reaches 1,333,096 square feet, and it has 8 colleges, 34 departments and 35 Master’s programs (1 independent Master’s program and 13 In-Service Master’s programs) and 14 PhD programs, holding a student body of approximately 17,000 students and close to 500 teachers (88% of assistant professors and above).

THU is the first and only educational institution in Taiwan that offers a complete education program from kindergarten to PhD program. Also, it is the first to establish and introduce General Education and Student Labor Program system in Taiwan. The pioneering programs have served as role models for other universities in Taiwan. Besides its pioneering programs, it was also the first to offer open library stacks in Taiwan.

THU is renowned for its picturesque campus and landmarks, which provide an ideal environment to conduct teaching and research. Luce Chapel is one of its most famous and visited landmarks. The Luce Chapel, the world-known architectural masterpiece, was designed by architecture masters I. M. Pei and C. K. Chen. Besides the Luce Chapel, Tunghai is also well-known for its scenic spots such as the campus mall, Tunghai Lake, traditional Chinese style buildings and the spacious Tunghai farm.

Tunghai’s constant pursuit of excellence in both teaching and overall university development has been publicly recognized. It is hoped that ideal graduates of Tunghai University will not only possess the knowledge in their fields of expertise, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, interpersonal communications skills, but also they are confident, responsible graduates with high moral and ethical standards and have appreciation in arts and humanity and are socially aware of the needs of the society. As a result, it continues to top the rankings of corporate recruiters and has continued to receive outstanding reviews from the Ministry of Education.

Internationalization of the campus

By establishing various key interdisciplinary research centers, such as the Center of Chinese Studies, the Life Science Research Center, Center Nanoscience and Technology, Center for Tropical Ecology and Biodiversity, Software Engineering & Technology Center, it has been proactively staying in sync with the latest global trends in research and development. Tunghai University will continue to follow its founding pioneering spirit and its school motto of Truth, Faith and Deed, to innovate and make its unique contribution to higher education in Taiwan.

Tunghai University, who has been actively involved in the promotion of international cultural and academic exchanges, has sister schools in 23 countries located all of the 5 major continents, such as USA, Australia, Germany, France, England, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and etc. It has signed academic collaborations with these schools. Not only the teachers have the opportunity to conduct international academic exchanges with these institutions, but also the students are encouraged to study overseas to develop an international perspective so that they could stay in sync with the latest developments in the world.

Each year, Tunghai receives exchange and foreign students from the United States, Japan, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Europe. With this community of international and foreign students, students benefit by learning from the diversity of culture and culture differences provided by these students.

A brief introduction on Research of THU

Like its educational goal, Tunghai values and places an equal emphasis on teaching and research. Teachers conduct research and utilize the research findings and results in their teaching, presenting and publishing research findings, and also participate in industry/ university cooperative projects. They are members of international academic institutions and participated in international academic exchanges with Tunghai’s sister schools overseas, which they have formed collaborative partnerships with.

Tunghai has established various research award guidelines to encourage teachers to conduct research, present and publish their research findings and to host and participate academic conferences. By providing research awards and subsidies for hosting conferences, teachers could conduct research that are related to their teaching and update their teaching with their latest research findings. In addition, the university has upgraded resources such as books, databases, equipments and etc for teachers to conduct research.

With the professional know-how and passion from each teacher and student, Tunghai will focus its research development in 3 major areas. They are green science, digital cultural creative industry, and corporate social responsibility. With the goal of developing research outputs in these 3 areas, Tunghai wish to turn them into Tunghai research specialty. With the research goals in mind, Tunghai will continue to pursue excellence in research, teaching and education and continue to be a competitive institution of higher education.

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