The 6th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
October 24th - 27th, 2017, Beijing, China
Invited Speaker-----Dr. Vladimir Escobar

Professor, Advanced Material Division, Potosino Institute for Scientific and Technological Research (IPICYT), Mexico.

Speech Title: Effect of nanocellulose crystal on Interpenatrated Polymer network as compatibilizer for LDPE/PET
Abstract: Nanocellulose crystals (NCC) are very attractive material due to their properties, among them, the potential capability to reinforce some polymer. This research deals with the use of nanocellulose crystal within interpenetrated polymer network based (IPN) on poly(acrylic acid) and thermoplastic elastomer, which is a compatibilizer for LDPE/PET blends. The modification of nanocellulose crystal in order to be added during extrusion of IPN and its effect on mechanical and thermal properties of the resultant composite are presented.
The presence of nanocellulose crystal modifies the mechanical properties of the LDPE/PET blend, specially the Young Modulus and the impact resistance. In addition, the IPN/NCC compatibilizer modified the thermal properties of LDPE/PET.
The 6th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
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