The 6th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
October 24th - 27th, 2017, Beijing, China
Invited Speaker-----Mohamed Gebreel

Acting Chairperson/Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, Egypt.

Speech Title: New Generation of Low-Cost Metallic Bio-Implants: Mechanical Properties Control
Abstract: There is an ever-increase in more biocompatible metallic implants for long term implantation. A perfect bio-implant should show excellent chemical, mechanical and biological compatibility. The development of new low-cost alloys composed of common elements, alloy's biocompatibility and mechanical properties mismatching with human bone is the target of many researchers. Controlling the mechanical properties of newly developed set of Ti-Fe-Zr-Nb low-cost alloys through applying different thermomechanical treatments is the aim of this work. Fe-content in the alloys is changing in the range 3 to 8 at.%. The hardness and Young's modulus of the alloys were measured for the alloys in the solution treated, hot rolled and subsequent aged at 400 oC and 550 oC. The phases separation and hence hardness of the aged alloys at 400 oC and 550 oC are highly dependent on the Fe-content in the alloy. The Young's modulus of the alloys is also changing with the Fe-content and heat treatment, where lowest modulus is shown in the moderate Fe-content alloy (i.e., Ti-5Fe-3Zr--3Nb) in the solution treated condition.
The 6th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
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