The 6th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
October 24th - 27th, 2017, Beijing, China
Invited Speaker-----Dr. Henry Hu

Professor, Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering, University of Windsor, Canada

Speech Title: Effect of Applied Pressures on Solidification of Cast Mg Alloy AJ62
Abstract: In this work, an experimental study has been carried out on the solidification phenomena and microstructure of magnesium alloy AJ62 in squeeze casting. The results of temperature measurements indicate that the liquidus temperatures of the squeeze cast AJ62 alloy rise as the applied pressure increase. The differences between the measured and the calculated liquidus temperatures by the Clausius- Clapeyron equation imply that the experimentally measured local pressure should be taken into consideration during theoretical calculation instead of applied hydraulic pressures. Besides, the applied pressures have significantly influence on the microstructures of the squeeze casting magnesium alloy AJ62. The finer grains are found in the casting under higher applied pressures.
Keywords: Applied pressure, solidification, magnesium alloy, microstructure, squeeze casting
The 6th Global Conference on Materials Science and Engineering
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